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Sounds Of Haejin

by Caroline Chung/Citizens Jazz

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Take a deep breath Slow down your thoughts Follow the signs Connect the dots Open your eyes Get off your bed Let the sun shine Get outta your head Take a long walk Listen to the breeze Soak in the sun Get your vitamin D
Chances 03:24 video
Give him a chance let him try let him fly Give him a chance to survive be alive Give him a chance let him thrive don't divide Give him a chance let him rise to the sky Create your destiny Believe you will be free And it will all be fine You will see Let your heart be strong It'll be okay if you're wrong Just live your life like a song And you will find where you belong Don't ever put yourself down Just keep your feet on the ground Don't let them jerk you around And you will find where you belong Open your mind to higher vibrations Open your mind to love Open your thoughts become your creation Open your eye above
I know the day we met something inside me changed You opened up my world and now I'm not the same Though it was just one night my heart is full again How can I feel this way I barely know your name (chorus) What am I supposed to do When I'm feeling all this love for you Maybe if I close my eyes And make a wish it'll all come true Then you'll realize That you might have feelings for me too You will understand me now And why I do the things I do (verse2) Sometimes we fool ourselves when we feel our own pain We think the answer lies in this delusional game Don't sell yourself so short it's not about the fame Be true to who you are there's no-one else to blame
Let freedom ring Let freedom rock Let freedom guide us to the top Let freedom breathe Let freedom move And find the journey to improve ******************************************************** You came to me with no fear Showed me how love can be clear Cycles of life come and go Even the sadness and the tears Sometimes the lessons that we learn Won't come until we have grown To overcome our worst fears And live the wisdom we're shown It's gonna be alright You know it's gonna be fine It's gonna be alright Have faith in human kind
Higher 03:22
Here I go again wondering when all this will end Cuz I ain't feeling so good no more And I ain't feeling it in my core Here you go again following feeble little trends And we ain't learning or growing no more And I don't have feelings for you like before (chorus) Higher let's get higher Higher Let's get higher (verse2) Where to go from here what an unbelievable year And you ain't good to me no more And I am startin to feel kinda bored Which way will you steer are your dreams far or near Are you willing to do what it takes and appreciate the life you create
To all the spirits out there Our guide and teachers Help others learn how to care Become the seekers Just sit in stillness and be calm Like the stars And pay attention to the hero that you are
Killer Cops 02:53
Killer cops what to do They won't stop not for you End their dreams with one shot They don't care ready or not Language is the weapon that paints our own reflections and creates our freedom Knowledge is the wisdom that teaches us traditions to the path of freedom Believing in the way you hold your power every day and you will find your freedom
You Can Be 03:46
You can right or you can be wrong You can be weak or you can be strong You can have peace or you can have war You can be rich or you can be poor (Verse) Now you're telling me About your family tree Deep found tragedies That no one else could see Is this how you explain Why you live your life in vain Don't perpetuate the pain You know you will sustain Giving it up- Don't let it slip away cuz some day You will find your way
Keep Looking 04:36
Lucky One 04:27
Let me be the lucky one My time has come, my time as come Many seasons made me tough It's now begun, it's now begun Underneath the vast blue skies I've found the sun, I've found the sun Though no-one believed in me I think I've won, I think I've won
Give Thanks 04:36
Give thanks to the spirits of the earth Give thanks to the mother's that gave birth Give thanks to ones who made it first Give thanks to the things that quench our thirst Give thanks to the dignity that we hold Give thanks to the movements that unfolds Give thanks to the souls that weren't sold Give thanks to the stories they foretold Give thanks to the rivers Give thanks to the sea Give thanks to the waters that cleanses me


Citizens Jazz & Caroline Chung presents....."SOUNDS OF HAEJIN"
I am a Bay Area veteran jazz musician/bassist, song writer and producer
I hope you enjoy my premier solo full length album!
Here's a list of some of the great talents on my record:)

Tongo Eisen-Martin(SF Poet Laureate)
Lilan Kane
Taqwa Leilani Adesanya
Miriam Speyer
Amy Dabalos
Lil Flower Nasti
Emerald Brown
Khalil Doak-Anthony- guitars & production
Andre Mateo- guitars & vocals
Danny Brown- saxophone
Javier Santiago- keys & trumpet
Natalie John- trumpet
Brandon Farmer- drums

All songs written and produced by Caroline Chung w/ the exception of Killer Cops, Let Freedom Ring, Message to the Spirits & Understand Me Now- co-produced by Khalil Doak-Anthony.
All bass parts played by Caroline.
Vocals on Chances, Higher, Killer Cops & Give Thanks by Caroline.
Also mixing by Akiyoshi Ehara (Bassist & producer for The Seshan)
Music Video by So-So Topic (Rapper, producer, musician & now film maker)


released March 14, 2021

1. VITAMIN D- vocals: Taqwa, poetry: Tongo Eisen-Martin, guitar: Andre Mateo, drums: Brandon Farmer, Danny Brown: saxophone, bass & production: Caroline

2. CHANCES- vocals, bass & production: Caroline, guitar: Andre Mateo, keys & trumpet: Javier Santiago, drums: Brandon Farmer

3. BURNING & LOOTING- vocals: Taqwa, trumpet: Natalie John, guitars: Andre Mateo & Khalil Doak-Anthiony, bass & production: Caroline

4. UNDERSTAND ME NOW- vocals: Lilan Kane, guitar & production: Khalil Doak-Anthony, bass & production: Caroline

5. LET FREEDOM RING- vocals: Lil Flower Nasti, guitar & production: Khalil Doak-Anthony, bass & production: Caroline

6. HIGHER- vocals, bass & production: Caroline, guitar: Andre Mateo, drums: Brandon Farmer, violin: Charith Premawardhana

7. MESSAGE TO THE SPIRITS- vocals: Miriam Speyer, poetry: Tongo Eisen-Martin, guitar & production: Khalil Doak-Anthony, bass & production: Caroline

8. KILLER COPS- vocals, bass & production: Caroline, guitar & production: Khalil Doak-Anthony, violin: Charith Premawardhana

9. YOU CAN BE- vocals: Amy Dabalos, guitars: Andre Mateo & Khalil Doak Anthony, trumpet: Natalie John, drums: Brandon Farmer, bass & production: Caroline

10. KEEP LOOKING- vocals: Taqwa & Andre Mateo, guitar: Andre Mateo, bass & production: Caroline

11. LUCKY ONE- vocals: Miriam Speyer, guitar & production: Khalil Doak-Anthony, bass & production: Caroline

12. GIVE THANKS- vocals: Taqwa, Andre Mateo & Caroline, rap & vocals: Imerald Brown, guitar: Andre Mateo, bass & production: Caroline

(Except Burning & Looting written by Bob Marley and Keep Looking written by Sade)


all rights reserved



Caroline Chung Oakland, California

Caroline is a Bay Area professional musician and activist: jazz upright/electric bassist, song writer and producer.
She had a project back in 2002 called Superbacana which landed a single on a Ubiquity Records compilation titled Rewind2 and several songs on a Newhouse Records compilation called San Francisco Under A Groove.
The album Sounds Of Haejin features 14 Bay Area musicians and vocalists
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